As the cold weather creeps in, we have more time to snuggle up and read with our little ones. Reading to them is the best way to instill a love of reading and lay a foundation for their literacy development.

Many kids tend to want the same book again and again. Believe it or not, this is good for their development. Meanwhile, parents hit a point where we can recite Brown Bear, Brown Bear backwards and forwards. Luckily, presenting a brand new book can be just as exciting for little ones.

Check out this list of our favorite 12 books about winter for young kids, with options for all ages!

A Loud Winter Nap - by Katy Hudson

This sweet children’s book tells the tale of a tortoise who always sleeps through winter. His animal pals are determined to give him a taste of winter this year. Read this beautiful book to see if Tortoise enjoys the winter fun with his pals.

Bear and Wolf - by Daniel Salmieri

Meet Bear and Wolf who against all odds become the best of friends. Their winter adventures are full of curiosity and fun. What will become of this unlikely pair? Read about their adventure in this picture book to find out.

Hibernation Station - by Michelle Meadows

This rhyming book is so catchy and the images are just stunning. The story is about an animal train ride as they take a trip to their winter hibernation. This is a timeless book that you’ll want to read again, and again.

Into the Snow - by Yuki Kaneko

Follow along on this joyous winter adventure with a sweet toddler, exploring all that winter has to offer. While the story is lovely, the mixed media illustrations steal the show in this gorgeous picture book.

The Snowy Day - by Ezra Jack Keats

A classic story that follows a young child as the winter sets in. The images are simple and captivating as we watch the young child explore and follow their curiosities.

White Snow, Bright Snow - by Alvin Tresselt

This story is a precious read about what snow means to children. While the adults prepare for the storm, we watch the children play and sway through the winter joy. The illustrations are impressive and the text includes some poetic humor, for both adults and children to enjoy.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter - by Kenard Pak

This little gem is but one in a series that celebrates the seasons. The focus of this book is the rolling in of winter after a lovely fall. The natural world is the focus throughout this series, providing a learning opportunity worth the read.

The Mitten - by Jan Brett

Another beautiful classic, The Mitten explores winter from the eyes of animals while they stumble upon a lost mitten in the fallen snow. Whose is it and what is it for? Enjoy the various and imaginative ways these animals explore the lost mitten.

The Big Snow - by Berta & Elmer Hader

This beautiful story shows children the preparation required for animals with the winter setting upon them. There is a sweet little stone house that helps support the animal friends in this beautifully illustrated, winter adventure.

The Snow and the Sun - by Antonio Frasconi

This outstanding story features both Spanish and English as it tells a South American folk rhyme. The book reads as a chain of poems, engaging parents and children alike, while building vocabulary and sharing a timeless story.

Animals in Winter - by Henrietta Bancroft

A non-fiction book, Animals in Winter provides exciting facts about who lives and thrives in the winter and what animals hibernate. This book serves as a terrific option for emerging readers and also provides a fact based read for little ones about the natural world around them.

Winter Dance - by Marion Dane Bauer

The author takes us on a beautiful adventure with a fox dancing in the winter snow. This book has both lyrical text and stunning images to engage young readers and eager little ones. This book may just encourage your kiddos to get up and move!

What are some of your family's favorite books about winter?