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15 Must Have Wooden Toys

By SimplyOnEden | ABBY&FINN | Nov 21, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Wooden toys provide children with endless fun. While less flashy than light-blinking, noisy plastic toys, they are beautiful and allow for open-ended imagination. Beyond playtime and giggles, wooden toys provide more benefits to you and your children than you may realize.




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Wooden Toys are...


There isn't a parent out there that doesn't perk up when they hear quiet and toy in the same sentence. Sure wooden toys could be thrown or banged on the ground but imagine your children playing for hours without beeping & annoyingly catchy songs on repeat.


Quality wooden toys are made with eco-friendly materials that are safe to mouth and hold without fear of toxic ingredients. Be sure to look for those made with all-natural dyes etc if they are colored wooden toys.


With wooden toys, you can be sure to get the most out of your money. They tend to be made to last, they are always in style and can be passed on, generation after generation, if well cared for.


While timeless and always in style, wooden toys also tend to last longer. They often require a greater investment but when they last as long as they do, they are a better long-term value.


Wooden toys leave your child to decide what and how they want to play. Unlike some other options out there, they don’t have a set use that is clear to the child and therefore limits their need to use their imagination. A wooden block can be built into a house, a stable or even be little soldiers.

Here are our top favorite 15 wooden toys!

Maple Teethers from Maple Landmark


Who knew teethers could be wood! Before silicone and hard plastics, maple was a perfect option for little ones with budding teeth.

Grimms XL Rainbow


Grimms may seem expensive but this brand is the definition of an heirloom toy. The collection follows an earthy, natural feeling and is made with the finest **** wood- lighter than you'd believe and flexible enough to stack and bend for an extra fun time!



Balance Board from Kinderfeet


Children will have hours of fun using this as a ramp and tunnel. On top of that, they are able to use core muscles to build strength on this wooden gross motor toy.




Wooden Building Pieces by Mokulock


These blocks provide a natural alternative to the plastic versions, with the same amount of fun. These are made from 6 varieties of wood… and nothing else! 100% wood! For the record, they hurt just as bad when you step on them.



Kid's Wooden Ride-On Balance Bike from Hape


This will keep your busy one moving and exploring through imaginary adventures. This is a study piece to last through generations of scooting around.



Wooden Toy Toolbox by Weksi


Let your children help around the house or build their own pieces with their own case of well-made, wooden tools.



Wooden Tetris Puzzle from SainSmart Jr.


Tetris is back and this time it is made from solid wood! These provide endless challenge and excitement with multiple ways to complete the puzzle.


Balancing Cactus Toy from Plan Toys


Piece by piece, children can balance this adorable cactus. They’ll need to use both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to master this fun toy’s challenge.



Color & Shape Wooden Block Sorter from Hape


This is a toy for all ages and allows for exploration in sequence, colors, size, shapes and can even be stacked for added fun!


Ramp Raccer from Ever Earth


Kids of all ages love this mesmerizing track that keeps attention for hours! The sound, feel and repetition is addicting!


Wooden Beehive from Plan Toys


Can you say cute!? This is a perfect toy for learning colors, spatial awareness, work on fine motor skills and to keep your little ones busy for hours!


Assorted Fruits & Vegetables from Plan Toys


A perfect toy for kids to stay busy while you cook and to practice their pre-cutting skills. They also allow for amazing pretend play and build gross motor skills when trying to un-attach the velcro.


Wooden Toy Cars from Hape


Cars are a must have for all kids. These wooden toys are easy to hold, fun to look at and are really well made. Line them up, drive them, make a ramp, do whatever you want with them… just don’t skip these must-haves!



Wooden Tangram with Cards by Constructive Playthings


Be careful, these are addicting! We may or may not have been caught playing with these after the kids are in bed. Tangrams are an age-old favorite for children (and adults) and this is the best set around!



Wooden Building Blocks with Tray from Melissa & Doug


The most common type of wooden toy is the standard building block set. This set is durable and has plenty of pieces for multiple children to enjoy. They are the perfect size for little hands and it comes in a tray for easy storage and clean-up!



What are some of your favorite wooden toys? Drop us a comment below so we can check them out too!


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