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5 Christmas Activities to Keep The Kids Busy

By SimplyOnEden | ABBY&FINN | Dec 20, 2018 12:30:00 PM

The holidays are full of traditions and celebrations. Most parents find that between all the shopping, parties and school vacation, things are busy and a bit chaotic.

Funny enough, those same parents often find themselves running out of fun ideas for the kids at home after gingerbread houses and lists for Santa. We have a few favorite ideas to share for those snowy days in December when your brain needs a rest!



Keep in mind all the activities below should be supervised!

Candy Cane Hunt

(all ages!)

Hide candy canes both indoors and out and send the kids off to find them! We suggest using multiple sizes and colors for added flair. If your kids are older, you can even time them to see how many they can find in a certain timeframe.

Borax Snowflakes


Add a little science fun to your December! Mix up 1/3 cup of Borax and 2 cups of boiling water until completely mixed. Have your kids twist pipe cleaners into some snowflake shapes. Hang the pipe cleaner snowflakes into the bowl of your Borax mixture (be sure to not let them touch any sides of the container). Leave overnight and wake up to ‘crystalized’ snowflakes. These make great ornaments! For added fun, add food coloring to the borax mixture to make different colored snowflakes.

Snowman Soup


Head to Target or even the dollar store and grab some ingredients to make snowman soup packs for neighbors and friends. Your kids can plan the ingredients or suggest items like marshmallows, cocoa packets (make homemade for added fun) and Twizzlers for a scarf. Bag up all the fun in a ziplock and tie with red and green ribbon. You’ll have a delicious homemade gift to deliver to spread some holiday cheer.

Holiday Slime


This is a very fun and festive sensory activity. Mix 2 cups of red glue, ½ cup of glitter, 1.3 cups of hot water, 3 drops of cinnamon or peppermint extract. In a separate bowl mix 3/4 teaspoons of borax 1 1/3 cups hot water. Once mixed, combine both bowls into one and knead. Before you know it you’ll have ooey, gooey, glittery holiday slime for hours of fun!

Cardboard Christmas Tree



 Transform your latest ABBY&FINN diaper box into a 3D Christmas tree to decorate with all the crafty trimmings! This can be a terrific activity to keep little ones busy for hours! Download our printable below and get ready for some quiet time while the littles decorate their new tree! 


What are some of your favorite holiday activities to keep your kids busy?

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