Mondays are tough. The weekend may have been super busy or relaxing but either way, come Monday morning, schedules, to-dos, and chaos seem to arise.

Add kids into the mix and the start of a new week becomes infinitely more overwhelming.

We have a few tricks to ease even the busiest of Mondays. Check out some of our favorite Sunday tricks that make for an easier week.

List Makers Rejoice

Some people are list people. We sure are! Having a list of things we need to do makes us feel in control and on top of things. Even if we are adding things that we already did, just so we can cross them off!

Today though, we take your to-do list and raise you one. On Sundays, we like to jot down things that need to get done that week and any scheduled events. This allows us to prep for the week appropriately. If we won’t be home for two dinners, then there are two meals that don’t require groceries. If Wednesday is a theme day at preschool then we’ll need to prep for some crafting!

Whether it is a calendar and a to-do list, or a combo list, take a few minutes on Sunday and look at your week ahead together as a family. This way everyone is on board with what’s to come and you’ll enjoy a week with fewer stressful moments. You may even save yourself from staying up late to make a theme day costume!

Laundry Pile Be Gone

If you are someone who has a laundry schedule and doesn’t find piles come the weekend, please tell us your secret. For those of you like us, we are busy, and the laundry gets done after you realize your kiddo has no more clean pants.

Come Sunday, take your Main Events list from before and see what you’ll need. Ample outfits for the kids, a soccer jersey and a costume, check. Taking a quick glance at the week ahead allows you to at least get the laundry done that you know you will need in the coming week. I mean, sure, if you can do all the laundry, great. If not, prioritize what you’ll need this week to at least reduce the laundry pile.

Grocery Games

Food and kids. Sigh. Some love to eat, others not so much. Then, of course, there are others who insist on goldfish and pickles on two separate, green plates, for three meals a day. Listen, we get it! Regardless of what you feed your kids, running out of what you need throughout the week is stressful. You can also try asking your kid to pick one meal they would like to eat that week. That way you know they will at least have a clean plate one night. Just remind them that candy corn is not a meal.

Try shopping on Sunday, looking ahead at your Main Events/To-Do list and be sure you have enough for school lunches, after school snacks, breakfast options, dinners, and any picky kid requirements, etc. Even if going shopping means you are going with kids in tow and come home pulling your hair out, you’ll have five days of no food-related shopping emergencies … fingers crossed.

Snacks for Days

Ah, the snacks. Organic or processed, most kids LOVE snacks. Ok, we all love snacks. On Sundays, grab a few minutes where they aren’t hanging on you and organize snacks for the week. You may need to do this while they aren’t around as it can cause them to want to eat all the snacks. All. The. Snacks.

We like to put all the snacks for school, after school, car trips, you name it, in one place. In our case, this typically is in a closed container that they don’t know about. But then again, maybe our kids are the only ones who could live on snacks if we let them.

Take a few minutes on Sunday and make sure you have what you’ll need and put it somewhere where the family won’t eat them all to make sure you have what you need, all week.

Treat Yo Self

With a weekend almost in the books and a busy week ahead, organization is key. Your mind and body also need some love on a Sunday to prepare yourself for a week of carpools, work, practices, play dates and/or that party on Wednesday where you can NOT forget the costume.

Give yourself an extra 30 minutes of sleep, spend a little more time reading before bed, have a glass of wine or do some yoga - whatever floats your boat, make the time for it. You need to be your best self and being in the right mindset to start off the week is clutch. You’d be amazed what a 30 min bath can do, even if you know the dishes, laundry and sweeping are awaiting you downstairs.

What is your favorite way to prep for a calmer week ahead?