This blog is written by guest, Ali Levine, who is a celebrity stylist and motherhood/fashion/lifestyle expert.  She believes that no matter where you roam, from the laundry room to the red carpet, authenticity is your superpower and “confidence is your best accessory.” Her real and raw journey of sharing came from her postpartum depression journey with first daughter, Amelia Rei, which has led Ali to where she is today and why she is so passionate about helping moms and sharing the vulnerabilities of motherhood.

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As Arley is playing in the mirror

Looking at herself in awe

Smiling and laughing at herself, just pure joy

I’m staring at her perfect rolls

Her sweet face

Her innocence

And then I’m reflecting on myself and how I stare at myself in the mirror and my body when I’m just bare

Why don’t I have that kind of joy towards myself all the time?

Why don’t I take her as she is?!

At times I want to fix her & change her

And as I look back at Arley, I reflect on every mark, every roll, every imperfection that is pure beauty

Why don’t we as mamas do the same for ourselves?!

Why don’t we stare at ourselves and our bodies in AWE?!

Why is it that when I look at the mirror a lot of the times I just stare?!

I stare and wonder where she is

I stare and wonder why I care SO much

Why do we care so much? Why don’t we take her as she is? All the beauty, all the mess,

The rolls, the lines, the stretch marks, the extra fat hanging over in weird places

The stretching

Look at what YOU created Mama

Look at her in that mirror, in complete awe of herself

The genuine JOY she has for herself

You MADE that Mama

Your body she did that

She showed up for you in her rawest form and gave you the greatest gift

So next time mama, you look in the mirror and reflect, reflect on how hard she worked for you

How much she stretched, bled, and changed for you

Now reflect at your imperfections as perfection

And then look at the perfection in front of you

Arley you are pure perfection my love

and you radiate love in and out