Feeding kids can be less than fun sometimes. As parents, we want to keep them fed. We also want to feed them nutrient dense food. While organic chicken and fresh kale may be our plan, often goldfish and cheese sticks are what they are willing to eat.

Keeping them fed is good enough sometimes but many parents wish they knew how to encourage healthier eating habits. One trick that appeals to a child's sense of creativity is encouraging they eat the rainbow.

Why Eat The Rainbow?

While eating the same foods over and over keeps them fed, in an ideal world they’d eat a variety of foods. Eating the rainbow encourages the family to benefit from the nutrients in their diverse foods. DIfferent colored produce contains varying minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Eating the rainbow keeps us healthy and able to thrive.

A Menu of Colors

The Magic of The Rainbow

Rainbows are beautiful. To a child, they seem magical and intriguing. Candy companies make their treats bright and colorful, right? A plate of healthy foods with an array of colors is just as intriguing to a young child. Skip the skittles and try making a rainbow with your kids.

Children will enjoy being a part of choosing their options. Bring them grocery shopping and let them pick a new color or food to try. Keeping them involved encourages success in growing their preferred variety.

Create a chart for the new & colorful foods your little ones eat over a week and reward them for eating the rainbow!