No, we aren’t kidding. Gardening with toddlers is not only doable but can be a ton of fun.

Getting children involved from a young age is not only good for piquing their interest level in nutrition and gardening but it also boosts their confidence as they tackle a new skill.

Give Them Their Own Garden Beds

Keep them away from your own plants if you have things you don’t want to risk getting trampled by giving them their own beds. You can use the back of an old wagon, an old sandbox, a big pot, even a rubber main bucket will do with some holes! Be sure their garden will have lots of sun and near yours but they will love having their own.

Give Them Tools

Whether you have real tools or plastic ones, give them the opportunity to hold and use them themselves. Model the way to use each safely and let them stumble until they figure it out. Be mindful they aren’t impossibly heavy or big for the child to use successfully.

Plant, Pick, Prep & Enjoy Together

Engage them In the entire process. This seed to table approach will give them a sense of worth and pride. Their efforts will feel worthwhile and important. It’s a very satisfying thing to sit down and eat something you grew, garden to table.

Top 6 Crops to Grow With Toddlers

1. Sunflowers

These bright yellow flowers are always a hit. They are often quite large and take up a lot of room. Even just one can be an exciting gardening adventure. They are quick to sprout and grow so toddler sized attention spans love them. When they are roughly a month old they typically are feet tall and eye to eye level for little ones. Be sure to let them dry naturally and so some pincer grip and fine motor practice by having them pull the seeds out with Tweezers come fall!

2. Lettuce

Lettuce is even quicker sprout and grow. Children often have trouble with the e turemof greens but when they are straight out of the garden, your chances that they will eat them increase. Try planting various types to taste. Bring out a bowl of water and rinse them right in the garden. Kids can gently dry them and try on site!

3. Snow peas

Snow peas grow quickly and taste delicious right off the vine! It’s a quick sprout, roughly a week and a half. These are a favorite of many children and if yours don’t love them, they just might if they grow them themselves!

4. Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are vibrant in color and fascinating to watch achieve tharxolor. Toddlers will see green, yellow, orange and red shades through the process. They are sweet(ish) and can be grown in a pot of you don’t have much room.

5. Carrots

Carrots just taste better straight out of the ground there is no comparison to the mini carrots we all buy for our kids. Let them join you in growing some from seed and watch their reaction. They take a bit to germinate but have a lovely lacy top that is fun to feel and watch grow.

6. Potatoes

These may be the most fun to grow. These can be grown in a small area or a big garden bed. They need to have soil mounded up on top as they grow taller and taller so it’s a nice plant to spend time with weekly without it taking much thought. Check out this post for a how to and be prepared for lots of tasty potato dishes.