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Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts from Baby

By ABBY&FINN | Jan 17, 2019 2:03:06 PM

Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts from Baby

As a new-ish mom with an 18-month old that’s growing more capable by the day, I found this year’s holiday season to be especially magical.  What I loved so much is that there is an almost endless supply of crafts, baking projects, and ways for my little helper to get involved. Now that the holidays are over, I’m sort of missing all those fun activities that seem to be built into the season.  We’ve traded a living room full of twinkly lights for snowy days and soup, but I’m missing having a roster of fun things to do with my kiddo. I’m not especially creative, and I’m not wired to develop crafts on my own, but fortunately, the internet is (bless you, creative mommies and active Pinterest users - you give me life). So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, spend some time with your little one getting messy to make a homemade gift. Homemade valentines are not only precious as keepsakes but they can be so much fun!

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We have found the top 25 homemade baby Valentine's Day Gifts on the internet.  From paint to handprint stamping, check out these 25 homemade baby valentine’s gifts for grandparents and parents alike.

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Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts from Baby

  1. Check out Nest Of Posies’s super fun painting project, Watercolor Valentine

  2. Handprint Monkey Valentine’s are so clever and cute from Crafty Morning

  3. You can never go wrong with these colorful and delicious Valentine’s COokies.

  4. Valentine’s Day Shaving Cream Cards – are messy and so beautiful from Mess For Less

  5. Transform the Brilliant Beginnings Preschool’s Pieces Card From Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day.

  6. These magical Wax Resist Valentines Cards provide loads of entertainment and make for great gifts! Happy Hooligans

  7. This is just too sweet! Check out this personalized spin on a Handprint Heart Card from Everyday Dishes

  8. The Cosmic Hearts craft from Heart Arts n Crafts  favorite around here for toddlers and parents alike!

  9. Car lovers will love this Footprint Race Car Valentine from I Heart Arts n Crafts

  10. Let your little one be a taste tester for these yummy GoGo Squeeze valentine’s treats for their friends!

  11. Get their hands messy with these Thumbprint & Fingerprint Cards  by Fun Handprint Art

  12. Toddler Valentine Noodle Necklace’s make a fun and fashionable gift from The Allison Show

  13. This Handmade Toddler Valentine is a great watercolor craft for your loved ones! Check it out over at Crazy About My BayBah.

  14. Make a Handprint Hearts with Poem Valentine together from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergartens.

  15. A lovely keepsake for the family from Rosy Posy with this Valentine Handprint Card

  16. Bring on the tissues Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Cards – From Mummy Alarm

  17. This Love You To Pieces Valentine is a fine motor activity that will be such a fun activity together.

  18. MIx up a batch of Homemade Trail MIx from A Spicy Perspective together.

  19. Use some fresh, on-hand veggies for this Carrot Stamp Caterpillar from Spoonful

  20. These Shaving Cream Valentine’s will be a hit with your littlest ones so be sure to make one for them too!

  21. More fingerprinting must-tries over here at  Spoonful that are swirly and fun!

  22. These Stained Glass Heart Cards  from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots are keepsakes for sure!

  23. Lines Across has a super fun Scribble Card that is easy and oh, so fun!

  24. What grandparent wouldn’t love this Grandma’s Tweet Heart valentine?

  25. Hands down our favorite is the Blowing Lots Of Kisses Valentine  by Life Is Sweet

Handmade gifts are fun to make and always cherished. Enjoy quality time with your little one making an extra special gift just for your loved ones. Be sure to tag to share your creations on Instagram!


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