With the Halloween season brings costumes, jack-o-lanterns and… a parent’s worst nightmare, lots of candy.

Halloween can be a great time to bond with your little ones. Carving or painting pumpkins is a favorite for many families. Looking for another festive activity to enjoy with your kiddos?

We want to share six of our favorite Halloween treats. If you are worried these are only for the most talented of Pinterest moms, fear not!

Oreo Spiders

These sweet little treats are easy to assemble and even easier to devour. They are cute and may even make your kiddo (or you) less creeped out by spiders. Ok that’s a stretch. But really… look how cute? Oh, and they DO have pretzels, so they aren’t terribly bad for you, right? More details over on her post, check it out here on AboutAMom.com

Tasty creepy, crawlers! (photo credit: aboutamom.com)

Banana Ghosts & Tangerine Pumpkins

These are simple, nutritious and adorable to boot. Watch your little ones eat mini chocolate chips while you create Halloween themed snacks. These would be perfect for a playdate, preschool class or an after school or weekend activity. More details over on her post, check it out here on Flo & Grace Family.

Healthy and silly and just enough holiday flare. (photo credit: floandgrace.com)

10-Second Halloween Snacks

For those of us who are just trying to remember to shower, there are these simple and festive treats. With a Sharpie marker, you can transform a kid's snack into a fun decorative food. Let’s be real, cheese sticks totally taste better with a spooky set of eyes and a little mouth. Try drawing on a clementine or fruit cup plastic top for more spooky fun, just like the blog SizzlingEats did!

Gotta love the multi-functional Sharpie marker! (photo credit: sizzlingeats.com)

Silly Apple Bites

These. Are. So. Cute. I mean… look! We just love that this momma made an adorable Halloween treat with no nuts, gluten, or soy for those who need to factor that in. This can be a great option for preschools that have a no nut policy, too. Healthy and festive? Supermom status. More details over on her post, check it out here: ForkandBeans.com

Pretty ghoulish looking but also yummy tasting. (photo credit: forkandbeans.com)

No Bake Vampire Doughnuts

These treats are SO creative. Ok, they are also a little creepy but if your little ones like donuts (duh) they will love these! Introduce them to fake vampire teeth [under supervision] and enjoy some delicious treats. This recipe is easy and devilishly delicious. More details over on her post, check it out here: MyHalloweenLand.com

Up the creepy factor for the older kiddos with these scary donuts. (photo credit: MyHallowenLand.com)

Halloween Spider Donuts

These are quick to make plus your littles are sure to love them. It’s a donut. With a munchkin. And chocolate. Plus, its festive. Let your little one place munchkins in the donut hole and you drizzle the rest. SO fun!  Plus, you don’t even have to make them pick between a donut or munchkins. Tantrum averted. More details over on her post, check it out here: The Semisweet Sisters

The perfect duo, the donut and munchkin mix. (photo credit: TheSemiSweetSisters.com)

How good do those look? If you give them a try, let us know what you think! Get the little ones to help and it will be a great opportunity for time together. Why not make a mess in the kitchen with them… they’ll make a mess somewhere anyways, right? Just give them a cleaning lesson after. Enjoy!