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What a "Real" Morning Looks Like

By ABBY&FINN | Mar 4, 2019 11:24:28 AM

Universal Parenting Truth #1:

Mornings can be a little hectic.  Now, I’m a sucker for continual optimization, so I’ve read about a million blogs and articles from well meaning experts (i.e. other moms) and they usually go something like this:

Recipe for a perfect morning:

  • Wake up by 5:30am, after 8 hours of restful sleep, to allow for meditation, exercise, a green smoothie, and a warm shower before waking your sleeping babies.
  • Layout all clothes for the week on Sunday, using different cubbies or closet dividers to separate outfits and make it easy for kids to dress themselves.
  • Prepare all lunches the night before so they are ready to go. You have already done all your meal prep for Mom/Dad lunches and dinner on Sunday, so this is not an issue.
  • Encourage children to take care of all chores before school, so you can focus on family time and homework at the end of the day.


Here is what our mornings actually look like:

  • Wake up at 6:45am and read Buzzfeed/social media/the news for 25 minutes because bed is too comfy to get out of.
  • Wake up cranky toddler at 7:15am.  Spend 5 minutes looking for lovie, Abby Cadabby, and the right sippy cup so the morning routine can proceed.
  • Watch as toddler throws pre-selected outfit on the floor in favor of seasonally inappropriate tank top and skirt.
  • Spend 8 minutes looking for acceptable tights/leggings/long sleeves to layer under summer outfit.  This is an active negotiation and compromise is unlikely.
  • Move to kitchen where toddler refuses to eat until after she’s gotten to help feed the dogs (this is a win).
  • Spill dog food on the floor and watch as kiddo takes an excruciatingly long time picking up each piece individually before eating her own breakfast.
  • Make a cup of coffee.  Turn around to find that socks and shoes have been taken off and placed in random rooms around the house in the 15 seconds you had your back turned.
  • Convince toddler to put socks and shoes back on, make way to the car.  Run back inside at least once for her water bottle / blanket / sticker she peeled off an apple yesterday, whatever is most important.
  • Make it to school to find socks and shoes are off again and sock is wet because she chewed on it the whole way to school.
  • Anticipate fit about either putting jacket on, or taking jacket off once inside.
  • Drop toddler off with jacket remaining on, two shoes on, and one wet sock in hand.  Read two stories while eyeing other classmates whose little hands are making their way into your purse….
  • Make it to ABBY&FINN office. Trade drop off battle stories for 10 minutes. Then it’s time for the next all important questions: “What are we doing for lunch today?” and “What are you guys making for dinner?”

So, parents, we are dying to hear from you: what are the real tips, that really work, to get you out the door with all your socks and most of your sanity in tact?




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